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Airborne dirt and debris, bird droppings, and even hard water will greatly reduce the efficiency of your panels. Our state of the art equipment delivers de-ionized water preventing minerals that are naturally found in water from adhering to your panels improving efficiency, and preventing permanent damage to them. This equipment also enables thorough cleaning in record time.
Client Testimonials
How often should my solar panels be cleaned?
Most clients choose to have their panels cleaned once or twice a year. However, if you are near a freeway or in an area prone to airborne pollutants, bird droppings, or construction, you may need to have them done more frequently. Our clients have reported dramatic improvement just minutes into the cleanings.
Spray Broom and Tucker Pole

Our spray broom disburses de-ionized water causing solar panels to dry spot free and clean. Ground operation eliminates the need to walk on panels.
Tucker Poles
We also offer water fed poles for both large and small jobs. These state of the art poles also disburse de-ionized water for clean, spot free solar panels.
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